Athens #2

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This day we had more luck with getting in to see the Acropolis, but less luck with the weather as it was raining.

This is the Odeon of Herodes Atticus which we could only see from the bottom the day before.

Parthenon, this fantastic but abused pile of stones. There was a lot of construction work at the site, taking some of the magic away. but still great to see what I’ve only heard enthusiastic tutors talk about before.

It doesn’t seem to be that bad weather here but is was pouring and the wind was rough at the top of the hill.

Can’t really have enough of fantastic views like this.

We took a turn around the Erechtheion too.
DSC_5111 DSC_5112

Went slowly over rounded wet stones to go down again.

We passed this house on our way to eat dinner and I instantly had a crush on it. Dinner was small plates with greek food that we ate outside in the shelter of the rain.

Stormy weather

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I think most of you noticed that there has been a storm. On Friday night the building was shaking and I couldn’t sleep because the wind was so loud and fired off rain at my window. The next day I was out for a run and found debris everywhere and fallen trees. Today I was out for a run again and just after I came home it started to hail, and then rain, and then snow, and then the sun came out, and it started to rain again, and snow – everything horizontal, of course, because of the wind. And don’t get me wrong, I love storms, I get all excited. Sure is interesting weather here.