Argyll Forest #2

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After lunch a whole bunch of wet people climbed onto the bus again to go to the next place. Castle Toward and Toward Castle.

We were still in good spirits.

We sat in the front and had the best view, and could listen to the guide’s funny stories about other tours he had done.

We arrived at Castle Toward, a castle built from the ruins of Toward Castle. Easy to mix them up. We had been seeing a lot of rhododendron bushes all day but none that was blooming, until now. A good spring sign!

First up was Toward Castle built in the 15th century.

The only things that was left of it was the tower and the gate.

We managed to squeeze into the same photo. Do you see the mud at our feet? That’s what we’ve been plowing through all day.

Going back towards the Castle Toward we saw a huge bush with a hole in it, like a cave, so we had to check it out.

You might not really see, but this is a bridge. With an almost hidden passage underneath it which we went through. No faeries here.

Agnes was happy about finally finding the “sex-leaves” of the ivy. Apparently they don’t look like all of the other leaves. Ask her about it and she’ll happily tell you all about it.

This is Castle Toward, built year 1820, and now completely abandoned.

We walked around it, peeked into the windows and really wanted to go in. But it has both a guard and CCTV surveillance.

We went back to the bus that was parked at the water and had some time to kill by the beach. The weather continued being grey, but it didn’t rain anymore.

The grey sky against the blue/green/grey water and the black rocks was really beautiful. And also this fine lady.
DSC_5029 DSC_5034

After seeing the castles we went to Dunoon for a short stop before taking the ferry back. We had some whiskey at the local pub, and was soon on the bus again. The trip back with the ferry could be the best ferry ride I’ve every been on. It included big waves, a scared bus driver, people getting surprised by waves coming from nowhere on the deck, the drivers mumbles of the ferry hitting whales and sharks, and us laughing at drenched people and the worried driver. All from the dry seats of the bus. I’m so going to do this again.

The night we danced on the streets

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Agnes and I celebrated our final submission by drinking wine and playing Ticket to Ride (I need to play with someone that doesn’t always win..). When the wine was gone we walked to the Belle where we took another drink, and later to Òran Mór for whiskey. It was such a great and spontaneous night, talking about life and matters of the heart. Laughing and dancing on the streets.