Athens #4

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The view from our apartment wasn’t that impressive but I think by staring into a cement wall must be nice in the summer heat when you don’t want the sun through your window.

Kind of like the roughness of it though.

The day offered us sunshine and we took the opportunity to scale one of the highest hills in Athens, or well we didn’t scale it, we took a cab.

The view was even more stunning than at the other places we’ve been to the other days. You can see the Olympic Stadium on the right side, that’s the area we lived in.

It was warm enough to take of your jacket and take in both some sun and the view.

We could see both the Acropolis and the sea.
DSC_5253 DSC_5259

The city just seem to go on and on, no real skyscrapers anywhere, the buildings are all between five and seven storeys with just a few exceptions like in the older areas where they are lower.
DSC_5261 DSC_5262

After some time we felt content and hungry so we started the walk down a pedestrian serpent road. Now and then meeting joggers that actually run the way up, red faced and breathing hard.

Here we’re almost down again. I really enjoyed seeing the Acropolis show up from time to time between the houses wherever we where in the city. We walked to the neighbourhood that Fanis lived in for a couple of years ago. Seeing a small riot with teenagers throwing stones at the police and some trash bins on fire. What a way to spend your Saturday.

After have eaten some greek salad we walked home and left the neighbourhood behind us. Our next stop was the Olympic Stadium, where we climbed a fence to get in. When we left we found out that there was another way to get in that didn’t involve climbing fences or paying the entrance fee. The locals had a way in through a school yard that was connected to the stadium. It was exciting though.

Four days of miserable discipline

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Yes, I’m talking about the development process essay. From Monday to Thursday Agnes and I was spending all our time awake at the Glasgow uni library. We only ate cafeteria food and lived on high sugar levels, I had a massive craving for veggies about the time I submitted my essay. There was just no time to buy and cook food. I’m so happy that it is finished!

We sat at the top floor if we didn’t find a group booth to sit at. The view is great at floor 11!

It was a essay with over 3000 words about market research, planning policies, development proposal and potential private development partners.

We went to the library just after the sun had gone up and went home long after it had gone down.

Every evening, when going home, I was relieved to finally be able to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.