The first snow that stayed

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Last Friday it snowed. A lot. Large wet snowflakes. Outside on the street the cars just slid around with their tires, not able to get up the small hill. People had to push their cars up. Apparently winter tires is optional in this country. Optional. That’s crazy! Even though it doesn’t snow much, it still does. I can imagine how many accidents this contributes to when all cars are like foals on ice. I didn’t really believe that everything stands still when it has snowed two centimeters in this country, but it does.


Blue world

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I’m no morning person but I really love the way the world looks like when the sun rises. Like now when it is winter, when the world looks all blue. Like seeing everything through a blue photo filter. Today it has been snowing a lot. Didn’t see much of it, thankfully, as I was in the library all day staring at research of the future real estate market. I installed an app on my laptop called SelfControl, you put all websites you are not supposed to visit while studying in a blacklist, sites like facebook, bloglovin’, tumblr and my own blog. Yes, yesterday’s redesign is a product of procrastination. Anyway, you set a time of a few hours and during that time you can’t access the sites you’ve blacklisted. Very effective when stuck with a boring assignment such as my essay, and to quench the need to escape to keep my soul from dying. That’s today’s tips! Enjoy frustrating discipline!

DSC_4486 DSC_4488

Stormy weather

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I think most of you noticed that there has been a storm. On Friday night the building was shaking and I couldn’t sleep because the wind was so loud and fired off rain at my window. The next day I was out for a run and found debris everywhere and fallen trees. Today I was out for a run again and just after I came home it started to hail, and then rain, and then snow, and then the sun came out, and it started to rain again, and snow – everything horizontal, of course, because of the wind. And don’t get me wrong, I love storms, I get all excited. Sure is interesting weather here.


Christmas 2014

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I haven’t taken many photos while being in Stockholm but here are some christmasy ones.

This is outside my window, there wasn’t much snow when I came here, but frost everywhere. So pretty.

Christmas tree.DSC_4448

DSC_4440 DSC_4444

And my mother’s santa and weird decoration collection. Much of it is Santas that my siblings and I have done through the years.
DSC_4446 DSC_4447

So far I have met a lot of friends, eaten a lot of good food and just relaxed.