Final Presentation Done!

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Tuesday was the day that slowly ominously approached, a day I didn’t want to come and a day I was longing for to pass. Examination day. All the work I’ve done since September was presented in a kind of anticlimax way. I still have a hard time realising that it is actually over. The presentation went fine, got comments on how professional it was done. Very much appreciated.

Just putting up the exhibition was hard work, here’s our corner of it.

A happy Grant.

A wooden structure that was built to hang our analysis and strategy work that we’d done last autumn. A very wobbly construction.

A pair of models from different parts of the Clyde.
DSC_5559 DSC_5561

Dressed up for the occasion, and very proud of the work Agnes and I have done. The things on the boards are but a part of it, the rest is in the booklet.

Here’s the review panel.

With our favourites Ombretta and Sergio.

My partner in crime and Marco.

It was a long day, Agnes and I had our presentation first in the morning and the last ones ended at half past six.

Here’s a part of the gang, tired and ready to go for some drinks to celebrate.