The night we danced on the streets

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Agnes and I celebrated our final submission by drinking wine and playing Ticket to Ride (I need to play with someone that doesn’t always win..). When the wine was gone we walked to the Belle where we took another drink, and later to Òran Mór for whiskey. It was such a great and spontaneous night, talking about life and matters of the heart. Laughing and dancing on the streets.


A visitor from Stockholm #1

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Amanda came to visit this weekend, she arrived midday on Friday. We started by taking her out for lunch at Glasgow School of Art, where Agnes and I hadn’t been before either. The food was good and we did some catching up about what had happened since we last saw each other.

Here’s after lunch when we were on our way to Lighthouse.

Two pretties!
DSC_4155 DSC_4157

I so like this one <3

And then we arrived at the Lighthouse where we climbed a lot of stairs to see the view from the tower.

These two were still with me.

And, oh, the view! This is where we live.
DSC_4175 DSC_4178

When we’d seen enough at the Lighthouse we wanted some fika. So we went to Willow Tea Rooms, a place where the famous Mackintosh did both the exterior and interior.

After that we went into some stores before going home, we picked up some food at our favourite food store Roots & Fruits and got some beer and cider. Agnes and Amanda took vegetarian haggis and salad and I took a pirog and some moroccan cous cous salad. Yum!

When we felt ready for the night, we went to our favourite pub Hillhead Bookclub where we managed to squeeze ourself into a sofa, where we drank strawberry mojitos.

We soon moved on to Òran Mór, the church which is a pub, and got more space for ourselves. That was our first day with Amanda!
DSC_4201 DSC_4210