Gibson Street Gala

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I’m awfully behind when it comes to publishing the material I’ve gathered the last weeks. So you can expect a lot from now on! Gibson Street Gala was two weekends ago. It’s a street that is just around the corner from our apartment so we went there to see what they offered.

It wasn’t only we that were there. So much people and we continuously met people we knew.

There was stalls for food, stuff and art. Live music on a scene at the end of the street and lots of activities.

Agnes and I was there with..

… Mark, and later joined up with Meghan and Ashleigh.

We were at this courtyard that was fantastic in the sun, never been there before. Inside the yellow part is our favourite café Artisan Roast. Who could’ve known that this was just on the other side of the wall.

IKEA seemed to sponsor the event so we tried their outdoor chairs. Pretty good.
DSC_5604 DSC_5606

When we got tired of people and screaming kids we walked to Kelvingrove Park. Sat down for awhile and enjoyed the view.

Final Presentation Done!

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Tuesday was the day that slowly ominously approached, a day I didn’t want to come and a day I was longing for to pass. Examination day. All the work I’ve done since September was presented in a kind of anticlimax way. I still have a hard time realising that it is actually over. The presentation went fine, got comments on how professional it was done. Very much appreciated.

Just putting up the exhibition was hard work, here’s our corner of it.

A happy Grant.

A wooden structure that was built to hang our analysis and strategy work that we’d done last autumn. A very wobbly construction.

A pair of models from different parts of the Clyde.
DSC_5559 DSC_5561

Dressed up for the occasion, and very proud of the work Agnes and I have done. The things on the boards are but a part of it, the rest is in the booklet.

Here’s the review panel.

With our favourites Ombretta and Sergio.

My partner in crime and Marco.

It was a long day, Agnes and I had our presentation first in the morning and the last ones ended at half past six.

Here’s a part of the gang, tired and ready to go for some drinks to celebrate.

Best weekend ever #2

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Today was Sofia’s birthday, around 8.30 Agnes and I surprised her with some really pretty balloons and sang the birthday song. A good thing with having visitors is that you can enjoy some really nice breakfast, or well, you get an excuse to. We walked to Papercup where I got toast with fried eggs, bacon and mashed green peas with mint and feta. Delicious!

Jonatan had french toast.

We took the subway into city centre and walked through Strathclyde’s campus on our way to the Necropolis, also a destination we take all our visitors.

Love <3

At the highest point at the Necropolis.


The cathedral.

A pretty one.


We enjoyed the view for a while before we went down the hill to Drygate, had a beer and walked back towards Buchanan Street.
DSC_5475 DSC_5477

We had a late lunch at Stereo where we met Marco, Iacopo and his friends. We hurried off to the subway that stops going at six on Sundays. Well back home we drank tea, played some Ticket to Ride and ate shortbreads.

Best weekend ever #1

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This weekend Agnes and I got to relax as Sofia and Jonatan came to visit, and also Pontus and Daniel came over for a day. They all arrived on Friday evening and we ate lasagna at our place before going to the pub the Arlington and on to a Swedish club that has events a few times a year. A lot of Swedish music, a lot of dancing and a lot of singing to every song they played. Can’t be much better, and as Sofia said when I asked for a title for this weekend: Best weekend ever!

This is the day after, all very tired but hungry so we went out to the Artisan Roast around the corner and made sure to order food enough to get into better shape. Here’s Daniel and Sofia.

The weather was fantastic so we went to Kelvingrove Park to make the most of it. We sat here at the fountain and looked at crazy dogs and children playing about. Pontus, Daniel, Agnes, Sofia and Jonatan = the gang.

We walked to the Kelvingrove Museum to show them the Haggis-animal.

But we didn’t want to be inside too long and went out into the sun again.

We take all our visitors here, can’t miss this fantastic piece of Glasgow architecture.

Partick Bridge on our way to Byres Road.

Cool kids hangin’ about.

Our goal was to get some icecream, at last perfect weather for it.

And of course show them Ashton Lane.

Wanted to join in here at Brel’s backyard.

We found a stone vagina.

And my favourite flowers! Didn’t think I would see any this spring. Just look at them in this post.

Argyll Forest #1

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As Sofia is here, and Agnes and I haven’t really done any touring in Scotland, we decided to get on a tour bus for Argyll Forest. It was an hour ride from Glasgow and twenty minutes on a ferry. It was raining steadily all morning while we where in the forest but it made it even more magical. There were small waterfalls everywhere! I have so many photos of waterfalls in my camera that I had a hard time choosing between them.

Here’s my lovely drenched company.DSC_4872

We had a really good guide with us that told us stories about the evil faeries. If you pass underneath this big fallen tree you will go into the faerie realm and be swapped to a faerie that looks like you when you come out on the other side. Just outside the photo there is stairs going over it, so you can take that way if you don’t want to take the risk.

Here’s our guide!

Waterfalls like this was everywhere. Our guide said that when it was good weather there is barely any at all.
DSC_4888 DSC_4890

We followed a path going upwards the mountain side. Agnes is happy even though she was drenched.

More water!

Here’s the hugging tree, or well, you hug the tree and you’re supposed to get good luck from it.

We came to Puck’s Glen, which was absolutely magical! And it just kept going. We followed this large stream along a small winding path for about half an hour. Kept ooh-ing and aah-ing.
DSC_4912 DSC_4931 DSC_4935 DSC_4946

Found some stacked stones in the current.
DSC_4949 DSC_4951

And this was at the end of our amazing walk.

From here we walked to a café where the bus was parked. Warmed ourselves with hot chocolate and ate our packed lunch. The next part of our tour-day comes in another post.