The first snow that stayed

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Last Friday it snowed. A lot. Large wet snowflakes. Outside on the street the cars just slid around with their tires, not able to get up the small hill. People had to push their cars up. Apparently winter tires is optional in this country. Optional. That’s crazy! Even though it doesn’t snow much, it still does. I can imagine how many accidents this contributes to when all cars are like foals on ice. I didn’t really believe that everything stands still when it has snowed two centimeters in this country, but it does.


A walk along the south bank of the River Clyde

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So, yesterday I took a walk. A 7,5 kilometre long walk, stopping every 20 step to take a picture. This was to record the quality of the perceived space along the south river bank, the River Clyde being our studio project. I got a lot of weird looks, especially by those that came walking from the other direction. Why does she keep taking picture of me..? I was totally exhausted when I came to the school library where the rest of my group were, a 10 kilometre walk in the morning, puh! So, after that walk I had 500 photos to take care of. First editing all the photos, then exporting them into .jpg, then shrinking them all and finally putting them all together into a gif. Enjoy the walk!