Four days of miserable discipline

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Yes, I’m talking about the development process essay. From Monday to Thursday Agnes and I was spending all our time awake at the Glasgow uni library. We only ate cafeteria food and lived on high sugar levels, I had a massive craving for veggies about the time I submitted my essay. There was just no time to buy and cook food. I’m so happy that it is finished!

We sat at the top floor if we didn’t find a group booth to sit at. The view is great at floor 11!

It was a essay with over 3000 words about market research, planning policies, development proposal and potential private development partners.

We went to the library just after the sun had gone up and went home long after it had gone down.

Every evening, when going home, I was relieved to finally be able to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.

Blue world

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I’m no morning person but I really love the way the world looks like when the sun rises. Like now when it is winter, when the world looks all blue. Like seeing everything through a blue photo filter. Today it has been snowing a lot. Didn’t see much of it, thankfully, as I was in the library all day staring at research of the future real estate market. I installed an app on my laptop called SelfControl, you put all websites you are not supposed to visit while studying in a blacklist, sites like facebook, bloglovin’, tumblr and my own blog. Yes, yesterday’s redesign is a product of procrastination. Anyway, you set a time of a few hours and during that time you can’t access the sites you’ve blacklisted. Very effective when stuck with a boring assignment such as my essay, and to quench the need to escape to keep my soul from dying. That’s today’s tips! Enjoy frustrating discipline!

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The evil workload

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School doesn’t start until the 27th January, but until then I have three more assignments to do. I’m not worried about two of them but the third… If you don’t hear from me, I’m at the bottom of the Kelvin. Development process essay. It’s like to rub shoulders with evil. This will be me in front of my laptop the coming 10 days:

Photo on 06-01-15 at 11.26