Blue world

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I’m no morning person but I really love the way the world looks like when the sun rises. Like now when it is winter, when the world looks all blue. Like seeing everything through a blue photo filter. Today it has been snowing a lot. Didn’t see much of it, thankfully, as I was in the library all day staring at research of the future real estate market. I installed an app on my laptop called SelfControl, you put all websites you are not supposed to visit while studying in a blacklist, sites like facebook, bloglovin’, tumblr and my own blog. Yes, yesterday’s redesign is a product of procrastination. Anyway, you set a time of a few hours and during that time you can’t access the sites you’ve blacklisted. Very effective when stuck with a boring assignment such as my essay, and to quench the need to escape to keep my soul from dying. That’s today’s tips! Enjoy frustrating discipline!

DSC_4486 DSC_4488