Argyll Forest #2

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After lunch a whole bunch of wet people climbed onto the bus again to go to the next place. Castle Toward and Toward Castle.

We were still in good spirits.

We sat in the front and had the best view, and could listen to the guide’s funny stories about other tours he had done.

We arrived at Castle Toward, a castle built from the ruins of Toward Castle. Easy to mix them up. We had been seeing a lot of rhododendron bushes all day but none that was blooming, until now. A good spring sign!

First up was Toward Castle built in the 15th century.

The only things that was left of it was the tower and the gate.

We managed to squeeze into the same photo. Do you see the mud at our feet? That’s what we’ve been plowing through all day.

Going back towards the Castle Toward we saw a huge bush with a hole in it, like a cave, so we had to check it out.

You might not really see, but this is a bridge. With an almost hidden passage underneath it which we went through. No faeries here.

Agnes was happy about finally finding the “sex-leaves” of the ivy. Apparently they don’t look like all of the other leaves. Ask her about it and she’ll happily tell you all about it.

This is Castle Toward, built year 1820, and now completely abandoned.

We walked around it, peeked into the windows and really wanted to go in. But it has both a guard and CCTV surveillance.

We went back to the bus that was parked at the water and had some time to kill by the beach. The weather continued being grey, but it didn’t rain anymore.

The grey sky against the blue/green/grey water and the black rocks was really beautiful. And also this fine lady.
DSC_5029 DSC_5034

After seeing the castles we went to Dunoon for a short stop before taking the ferry back. We had some whiskey at the local pub, and was soon on the bus again. The trip back with the ferry could be the best ferry ride I’ve every been on. It included big waves, a scared bus driver, people getting surprised by waves coming from nowhere on the deck, the drivers mumbles of the ferry hitting whales and sharks, and us laughing at drenched people and the worried driver. All from the dry seats of the bus. I’m so going to do this again.

Argyll Forest #1

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As Sofia is here, and Agnes and I haven’t really done any touring in Scotland, we decided to get on a tour bus for Argyll Forest. It was an hour ride from Glasgow and twenty minutes on a ferry. It was raining steadily all morning while we where in the forest but it made it even more magical. There were small waterfalls everywhere! I have so many photos of waterfalls in my camera that I had a hard time choosing between them.

Here’s my lovely drenched company.DSC_4872

We had a really good guide with us that told us stories about the evil faeries. If you pass underneath this big fallen tree you will go into the faerie realm and be swapped to a faerie that looks like you when you come out on the other side. Just outside the photo there is stairs going over it, so you can take that way if you don’t want to take the risk.

Here’s our guide!

Waterfalls like this was everywhere. Our guide said that when it was good weather there is barely any at all.
DSC_4888 DSC_4890

We followed a path going upwards the mountain side. Agnes is happy even though she was drenched.

More water!

Here’s the hugging tree, or well, you hug the tree and you’re supposed to get good luck from it.

We came to Puck’s Glen, which was absolutely magical! And it just kept going. We followed this large stream along a small winding path for about half an hour. Kept ooh-ing and aah-ing.
DSC_4912 DSC_4931 DSC_4935 DSC_4946

Found some stacked stones in the current.
DSC_4949 DSC_4951

And this was at the end of our amazing walk.

From here we walked to a café where the bus was parked. Warmed ourselves with hot chocolate and ate our packed lunch. The next part of our tour-day comes in another post.

Swedish Affär

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We were at the opening of Swedish Affär, a café at the Royal Exchange Square. Alex and Margherita joined us to eat kanelbulle and kladdkaka with bryggkaffe. The place was fantastic!

Here Alex showed us a typical pose from when he was a child.

We could order in Swedish by these two young ladies.

And here was a whole lot of Swedish specialties, or rather typical things the ordinary Swedish person feel nostalgic over when not in Sweden.

Happy guy with two beautiful girls.

Blue world

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I’m no morning person but I really love the way the world looks like when the sun rises. Like now when it is winter, when the world looks all blue. Like seeing everything through a blue photo filter. Today it has been snowing a lot. Didn’t see much of it, thankfully, as I was in the library all day staring at research of the future real estate market. I installed an app on my laptop called SelfControl, you put all websites you are not supposed to visit while studying in a blacklist, sites like facebook, bloglovin’, tumblr and my own blog. Yes, yesterday’s redesign is a product of procrastination. Anyway, you set a time of a few hours and during that time you can’t access the sites you’ve blacklisted. Very effective when stuck with a boring assignment such as my essay, and to quench the need to escape to keep my soul from dying. That’s today’s tips! Enjoy frustrating discipline!

DSC_4486 DSC_4488