Graduation in Glasgow #3

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On graduation day we woke up early, had a quick breakfast before going to Strathclyde. Here’s the place we stayed at.

The graduation took place here in the Barony Hall.

I went to the registration and mom sat down in the audience. I soon sat down in the back of the stage and got to know that I was the seventh to graduate out of about 60 people that day. First the PhD students and then me, and then the rest. A bit nervous.

The place was slowly filling up, here’s where all the Architecture students sat.
DSC_7228 DSC_7229 DSC_7230

When it was 11 o’clock the high up academics came in with their elaborate gowns.

All these old stern looking guys.

We all stood up.

The silver scepter was placed ceremoniously down, and everyone was allowed to sit down. The guy in the middle in blue held a speech and awarded the woman in red the title honorary doctor. She then held a speech and next it was time for us students to, one by one, go up and claim our Master’s diploma.

Here I got ceremoniously patted on my head with a cap.

Shake hands.

And then go over to the next guy who gave me my Master’s diploma. Then it was over. If you’re curious of how the ceremony looked like, click here for a video of the whole ceremony. It’s one hour though, skip ahead to 14.03 and you’ll see me.

As I was one of the first out, I clapped my hands the following 45 minutes.

Then the bagpiper came and there was a procession out of the building.
DSC_7260 DSC_7264

In the Lord Todd building there was refreshments and mom took the opportunity to take a lot of photos of me in my gown.
DSC_7267 DSC_7268 DSC_7273 DSC_7280

After mingling around and drinking wine. We headed to the photographer to take photo’s of me and my diploma. I returned my gown and we went to McCune Smith café for some lunch. Later that evening we had dinner at Brel and went bar hopping for beer and whiskey. And as we begun our day, we ended it at the Kelvin Hotel.

Master dissertation done!

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At the first meeting with Jacob, the PhD guy whose research we’ve based our dissertation on, I felt excited about writing something on the subject he was researching on: Urban Morphometrics. At the second meeting I wanted to cry because I didn’t understand this sea of mathematic values that didn’t speak to me. How am I supposed to design a masterplan from a mile long row of numbers? Agnes calmed me down and explained with the knowledge of her mathematics tuned brain how I was supposed to tackle to problem. After awhile I started to see the connections and I designed two masterplans from two sets of numbers, and so it started. We moved to Berlin and between drinking beer, sitting in parks and having visitors, our dissertation began to take shape.

Now it is done. With about 25.000 words, 218 pages and 140 figures. I’m so proud over the work Agnes and I have done. Hurray!


The finish line is so close

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Since having all of our visitors we felt a bit behind on studying, but not panic-behind. The day after Stina, Jonas and Anders went back home we started to produce stuff in an amazing speed. On the 11th September we were to send our tutors a first draft of our dissertation so we produced almost 20.000 words in a week. It can be noted that before this we have only made all of the figures that play the main role in our work, barely any text. We wrote text, put our figures into context, made a nice layout and sent our first draft when it was due. There is not much left to do now, we have to proof read everything, write some conclusions and put in a few more figures but that will be done by submission day 18th of August.

The finish line is so close. For dissertation, for this master, for all of my studying years. 2015 was the year I though I would be done with everything when I started 2010, after some obstacles during my last year in my undergrad I though I would be done later. But here I am, happy that I didn’t do my master at the same university as my undergrad, happy that I didn’t do it at Chalmers either. Having two semesters in Glasgow and a summer in Berlin is something I won’t regret. This autumn I begin a new adventure in Stockholm.


The day we read through our dissertation at the beach

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Before we submitted our dissertation we spent a day at Krumme Lanke to read through all of our work to get spelling mistakes and see if something was missing. As we were pretty tired of being cooped up in our small apartment as we’ve been the last weeks, we printed a copy of the work and took it to the beach.

With us we had watermelon salad. Here soon to be mixed up.

We found a shady quiet spot and sat down to read, one half of the work each which we swapped when done. Sometimes I lay down and watched the canopy shift in the breeze.
DSC_6517 DSC_6521

Now and then we got company by this duck family.

Not too bad sitting here doing this rather tedious work.
DSC_6530 DSC_6531

In the afternoon it was time to hop in, taking turns watching our stuff.

So after six hours we had gone though the 200+ pages and filled them with notes to look at the next day.

Not only play

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We’re not in Berlin to play only though it’s tempting. Our master thesis won’t write itself so during six hours every day we’ve been studying, at Salon Schmück. A place that is most often half empty, have great food and wifi. Lately I’ve been drinking coffee too, what has happened to me? As you might have seen I’ve been posting a lot lately and I’m sad to say that I’ve caught up with posting all the photos I’ve meant to publish before but didn’t have time to. So from here on there might be one post every day of every second day, I’ll try to do my best because, you might not notice, but I really like this place.

Work with the dissertation has been quite slow but yesterday we finally developed a solid idea of how were going to present it, so from now on it will be a smooth ride – hopefully…