A walk down memory lane

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Six days ago WordPress told me that I’ve had my blog for four years. But my first blog post was 24 August 2010 with photos taken by a crappy phone camera. It was my first day living on my own in a town where I knew no one, 510 km away from my parents. It was the best decision I’ve made, and thinking back to that day, I realise how far I’ve come and how different I am today. Studying directly after I finished high school was a given for me, I didn’t want to work but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be either. I envied those that already had a plan, knew who they were and where they wanted to be. It was one week before application deadline and I still wasn’t sure which programme I wanted to go to the most, that I found Spatial Planning. I had been thinking of becoming an architect and I was interested in sustainability, but also as a person I’m structured (or at least I want to think of myself such as). A perfect match. The geology programmes had to move down, because Spatial Planning in a little town on the coast suddenly seemed to be the only good choice.


Several months later I got accepted to the programme, I got a newly built apartment 5 minutes from school and the 23 August I put all my stuff in a trailer and left Stockholm behind me for something new and unknown. The day after when I was in my apartment all alone, I realised how hard it is to assemble the new IKEA furniture all by my self. I also realised that the next step was to get new friends, something I was nervous about as I wasn’t comfortable in that kind of situation. I delayed my going to the fresher’s event a few days but finally got the courage to go.

More than four years younger!

Agnes adopted me from the get go. And soon Sofia, Jonatan, Emelié, Amanda, Sandra, Johan, Anna, Jonas, Carl, David, Magda and more joined in. We had all these adventures where we were happy, in love, angry and sad together. We sat on the cliffs by the water at summer, had wild parties with different themes, took the bike everywhere as it was a part of you, swore at the town’s bad snow plowing budget, visited the outer islands in the archipelago, danced all night and went home at sun rise, played Ticket to Ride a countless number of times and had countless cups of tea, made a lot of veggie dinners, were excited by the first dip in the ocean for the season, went on the best study trip to Istanbul and a lot of other things.

IMG_0193 IMG_0898IMG_0269 IMG_0252 IMG_0181

Leaned backwards to get everyone in the photo, my hair caught fire from the candles behind me. Can you see them smiling..?

Party with the theme “My hoods”.

In one day we saw the ghettos outside Istanbul and a gated community. Such contrasts.

Examination day.

At my place before the examination party.

At the examination day it was time to say goodbye as the school messed everything up by changing the masters programme. The planned five years together became three and we all got split up. Many went back to their hometowns to work or study.

The autumn 2013 was a lonely one in Stockholm, the spontaneous way of meeting friends disappeared and most of my friends was living in Gothenburg. It’s not easy to get accustomed to not be able to just show up if you wanted company. More planning is acquired when living in a large city. I studied three architecture courses that autumn and were up to a lot of mischief with Nico, Niko, Alex and Joel. I photoed many of Nico’s projects, shows and coordinated her latex fashion show. Beside that we were running around at cheap bars with bad music and danced the night away at clubs.

Dressed for the coordinator role. And all the latex girls.
Dubbel 1 Dubbel 7

This is drunken “ass patching”.
DSC_0769 DSC_0760

In spring I started working at the local city council in Eskilstuna, to where I commuted three hours per day over six months. I got to know Karolina, Gustaf, Josefina and Hanna who’s the best working buddies ever. I learned how it is to actually work with city planning, that it is a lot more to it than you learn at school. Other than working from 8-17, we ate a lot of ice-cream, indian food and had a lot of coffee breaks. We celebrated Josefina with huge balloons at her 30th birthday and went swimming at the beach as our allotted recreation hour.

DSC_1410L 20140429-163224.jpgDSC_2419L

It was that spring I suddenly was in possession of the apartment I thought I would only be able to stay in for a year. I actually own my own place, so weird. That spring I also applied to the University of Strathclyde, the only place abroad I applied to, not thinking I would get in, that I was to late. A few weeks later I got in, so it was only to take the English test, IELTS, and start make preparations to move abroad. My plan had been to do my master in Gothenburg at Chalmers University of Technology where I would study Sustainable Urban Design. In the middle of September Agnes and I flew to Scotland, found an apartment in West End after four days and moved in soon after.


Lekskola igen?

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Mina kurser har startat, eller i alla fall två, den sista börjar imorgon. Den första, Orienteringskurs i samhällsbyggnad och arkitektur, känns mest som tillbaka till lekis igen. Klippa och klistra har vi hållit på med det senaste och jag passar på att njuta över att det inte har hunnit bli så mycket akademiskt av det än. Vi har gjort både collage på ett minnesrum och en skalgubbe som jag hellre nämner som mini-me. Mycket vackert, mycket flummigt!

Dubbel 1 Dubbel 2