Graduation in Glasgow #3

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On graduation day we woke up early, had a quick breakfast before going to Strathclyde. Here’s the place we stayed at.

The graduation took place here in the Barony Hall.

I went to the registration and mom sat down in the audience. I soon sat down in the back of the stage and got to know that I was the seventh to graduate out of about 60 people that day. First the PhD students and then me, and then the rest. A bit nervous.

The place was slowly filling up, here’s where all the Architecture students sat.
DSC_7228 DSC_7229 DSC_7230

When it was 11 o’clock the high up academics came in with their elaborate gowns.

All these old stern looking guys.

We all stood up.

The silver scepter was placed ceremoniously down, and everyone was allowed to sit down. The guy in the middle in blue held a speech and awarded the woman in red the title honorary doctor. She then held a speech and next it was time for us students to, one by one, go up and claim our Master’s diploma.

Here I got ceremoniously patted on my head with a cap.

Shake hands.

And then go over to the next guy who gave me my Master’s diploma. Then it was over. If you’re curious of how the ceremony looked like, click here for a video of the whole ceremony. It’s one hour though, skip ahead to 14.03 and you’ll see me.

As I was one of the first out, I clapped my hands the following 45 minutes.

Then the bagpiper came and there was a procession out of the building.
DSC_7260 DSC_7264

In the Lord Todd building there was refreshments and mom took the opportunity to take a lot of photos of me in my gown.
DSC_7267 DSC_7268 DSC_7273 DSC_7280

After mingling around and drinking wine. We headed to the photographer to take photo’s of me and my diploma. I returned my gown and we went to McCune Smith café for some lunch. Later that evening we had dinner at Brel and went bar hopping for beer and whiskey. And as we begun our day, we ended it at the Kelvin Hotel.

Graduation in Glasgow #2

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The next day we climbed the Necropolis to take in the stunning view of Glasgow. While standing here we saw a marching procession take place at the road beneath the hill, men in uniform and a pipe band.

The sky was grey throughout our stay, and right at the top of the Necropolis we were lucky that it didn’t rain.
DSC_7165 DSC_7166

When we’ve seen enough we made our way downhill to Drygate, where we had coffee before going on a tour in the brewery.

While sitting in the bar you can look inside the brewery.

At the Bottle Shop you can find everything you need.

Mom was ready to go inside. The usual guy was apparently stuck in traffic so another guy took us on a tour, well, after the finally found the right key to the lock. It didn’t matter as we were warm, happy and filled with coffee.

This is the Gladeye IPA-guy.

And here’s the Bearface Lager-guy.

Our guide told us about the underground spring that Drygate was built on and how they first begun brewing. We got to know everything about the process with great enthusiasm. They even have a smaller brewing-station for smaller breweries to rent. Afterwards we got to try out their core range while having lunch.

When we got out it was raining like crazy. Drygate is not that central so we walked quickly to the Lighthouse, which was on the to-see-list.

We looked at posters.
DSC_7180 DSC_7182

The Mackintosh exhibition.

And climbed the stairs to the view platform.

This lovely grey and brown city <3
DSC_7187 DSC_7190

In the evening we ate indian food in West End at Usha’s and went happily home and to sleep.

Graduation in Glasgow #1

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My mom and I took vacation and flew to Glasgow for a week, during which I graduated from University of Strathclyde. So here some things we did during our stay. I tried to show mom everything you have to see in the city.

First we went to Kelvingrove museum and walked around in the art gallery section for hours and realising that it was only one part of this huge place.

When we were too tired to stand any longer we sat down in the main hall to have tea and scones while listening to a guy playing the organ.

Took a sneak shot of my mom.

Watched these guys and picked our favourites.

One doesn’t go to the Kelvingrove museum without visiting the Haggis-animal.

Such an amazing building!

The compulsory shot of the River Kelvin plus the Kelvingrove museum. Autumn <3
DSC_7151 DSC_7153

We were eager for some coffee so we walked to the Artisan Roast that is super close to my old apartment. Great place and great coffee, so many days spent there while studying.

Walked past this wall and ivy every time I went to uni, it gets more and more impressive!

The lovely foodstore Roots and fruits. I wish I had this place close to where I live here in Stockholm. Such a nostalgia trip!