The last visitors #2

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Our last visitors, Stina, Jonas and Anders, joined us the same weekend as Jenny was here. They are Agnes’ old working colleges. We took them to a sunny Klunkerkranich.

Jenny and Agnes.

Agnes and Anders.

Jonas and I.

And Stina with her sunshine shades.
DSC_6454 DSC_6457

Happily chatting above Berlin.

The band went on to Tempelhof.
DSC_6462 DSC_6467

Walking into the sunset.
DSC_6470 DSC_6472

Spent the last hours of light in a biergarten at Tempelhof.

Looked around the airport building.

I had them all pose infront of the entrance. Such a gang!

The last visitors #1

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The Wednesday after Amanda visited us Jenny arrived. On Thursday we took the U-Bahn to Eberswalder Strasse.

Sam joined us at a Lebanese restaurant, where we all shared a plate with falafel, springrolls, hummus, baba ganoush, salads and all that. Super tasty!

We went to Prater Biergarten and on to Dr. Pong where Jenny and I played ping pong with the rest of the people in the bar. Agnes and Sam cheered us on.

We were terrible, don’t get fooled by our confident faces.

The Amanda weekend

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Amanda was our next visitor coming here the weekend after Sofia and Jonatan. Check out her Instagram btw, it’s amazing. The same day as she arrived I fell sick. So these ladies did Berlin during the day and I joined them in the evening. Here we’re having popsicles at California Pops.DSC_6425

I’m not much for popsicles but these are amazing and as amazing to look at.

We also joined up with our old classmates from our undergrad, Carro, Madde and their friend. We had dinner at Café V were we had some amazing food. Afterwards they all went to some hidden bars close to Kottbusser Tor while I went home to sleep my cold away.

The Hjortlin weekend #2

Berlin, Festive, General, Meeting people, Photos, Summer

Later that Sunday we went bar jumping. We were first at a place with flowers.

With flowers I mean Sofia and Agnes of course.

And I won’t forget the flower Jonatan, haha.

After that we ate a weird restaurant and went to the rooftop bar Klunkerkranich which is on top of a multi-storey parking house. We drank rhubarb drinks.

Enjoyed the view of the flat Berlin.

Such a nice idea turning the last storey of parkings into an outdoor bar.

I was quite pleased.

After awhile we got cold in the winds and went to a indoor place called Ä.

The next day we were at some place I don’t remember but we seem to have had fun, haha.

And I’ll end the Hjortlin weekend with a close-up on Jonatan. See you again in September!

The Hjortlin weekend #1

Berlin, Festive, General, Mat, Meeting people, Photos, Summer

Our first visitors in Berlin was Sofia and Jonatan.

We made drinks with rum, sprite, strawberries, lemon and basil. Was supposed to buy mint but basil with strawberries was a surprisingly good combination.

Good looking Sofia.

With Agnes, Jonatan and his friend Rasmus who was in Berlin too. Ian and his friend also joined us after having arrived in Berlin the same day but I didn’t manage to catch them on photo. Around midnight we went clubbing at a gay-club where we danced to the Berlin techno until it was time to go home.

The day after we had a huge breakfast, or more of a brunch, at Morgenland where they have a buffé with everything you need for breakfast and more.
DSC_6388 DSC_6390

Later the same day we had ice cream at Kokomo and what happened the rest of the weekend is coming up!