48 Stunden Neukölln

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Last Sunday Agnes and I decided to watch a live band playing on a boat on the Landwehrkanal. Neukölln is the neighbouring area to Kreuzberg and had a 48h festival with art and music.

We got tickets for the last tour on the canal and waited in Wildenbruchpark until the time was right.

And when the time was right we walked down to the canal.

Boarded Spree-Prinzessin.

Casted off.

Here is the band, don’t remember the name, but they were singer song-writer and was not that good but we were on a boat!

We enjoyed the views.
DSC_6289 DSC_6293

People along the canal stopped to see what was going on and occasionally waved to us.
DSC_6295 DSC_6309

After an hour of music and views we went of the boat, satisfied about the whole thing. Can check being on a boat on the canal of my bucket list and next time some canoeing might be done?

MakeCity Festival Closing Party

Berlin, Festive, General, Meeting people, Photos, Summer

As I wrote the first week I was in Berlin there has been a festival called MakeCity, unfortunately most of it was in German so we didn’t get much out of it. But we went to the closing party, quite a walk from home at a location that was almost dead. Very suspicious. We arrived at the right place and it was full of people.

I drank a beer, which I much regretted.

Tried to take a photo of the homemade looking stamp that we got at the entrance but failed miserably. Kind of like how the photos turned out anyway.

We danced some but weren’t that inspired by the music so at some point we just looked at each other and walked out and home.

Because Friday

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After a slow day with not much done, we ate out and moved between bars. At this place (don’t remember the name) we had vodka sours in whiskey glasses.

At Freischwimmer I found DRY CIDER!!

And we shared a dessert. Poached vanilla sauce with raspberry sauce. So weird we had to try, it was like panna cotta.

Agnes was as always with me, looking fab.

I was pretty excited to have my first cider in Berlin.

When we were done at Freischwimmer we walked 20 metres to IPSE which is right by the canal and had this huge rotating crystal chandelier.

It’s an outdoor club but we were there around ten and there was barely any people. But we sat by the water, drinking cheap white wine and sent existential messages to our friends.
DSC_6252 DSC_6254 DSC_6256

To have a drink in a forest

Berlin, Festive, General, Meeting people, Natur, Photos, Summer

Agnes is going to Nairobi for an internship this fall and she happened to find a German girl who was going to do the same, so we met up and she took us to this place for a drink. Prinzessinengärten.

It’s a forest, a place to grow vegetables, and a place to have a drink and to get a meal consisting the veggies that is grown there. Very hipstery.

There was such a nice light that came through the canopy and the seating places was scattered between the trees.

Malin and Agnes engaged in a discussion.
DSC_6226 DSC_6227 DSC_6229

When the sun just started to go down we left the place and parted ways. Agnes and I walked home but took a last drink on our corner before going to sleep.

Not only play

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We’re not in Berlin to play only though it’s tempting. Our master thesis won’t write itself so during six hours every day we’ve been studying, at Salon Schmück. A place that is most often half empty, have great food and wifi. Lately I’ve been drinking coffee too, what has happened to me? As you might have seen I’ve been posting a lot lately and I’m sad to say that I’ve caught up with posting all the photos I’ve meant to publish before but didn’t have time to. So from here on there might be one post every day of every second day, I’ll try to do my best because, you might not notice, but I really like this place.

Work with the dissertation has been quite slow but yesterday we finally developed a solid idea of how were going to present it, so from now on it will be a smooth ride – hopefully…