The visitors from Edinburgh

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We had some visitors from Edinburgh last week, Pontus and his friends Alex and Alban. We took them to the Necropolis for the view, Drygate for some beer, and Glasgow School of Art for some lunch. Later on we were walking around in West End before Alex and Alban had to take the bus back to Edinburgh. Pontus borrowed our couch for the night and the day after we had breakfast at the best breakfast place in Glasgow – the Hyndland Café.

DSC_4831 DSC_4837 DSC_4838

Exploring the north side

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We previously walked on the south side so now it was time for the north side.

This is Kelvinbridge which we walk over every time we’re going to the Subway.

This is the backside of the buildings along our street which faces the River Kelvin.
DSC_4704 DSC_4708 DSC_4761

You can find this at Argyle Street.

And back lanes like this one.

Long long rows of tenement houses.

Closer to the river there is more industry buildings, railways and the high speed Expressway. They are worked together into an awkward knot of unused spaces, unmodern traffic solutions and pedestrian hazards. It will be interesting to see what we can do about it.

Swedish Affär

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We were at the opening of Swedish Affär, a café at the Royal Exchange Square. Alex and Margherita joined us to eat kanelbulle and kladdkaka with bryggkaffe. The place was fantastic!

Here Alex showed us a typical pose from when he was a child.

We could order in Swedish by these two young ladies.

And here was a whole lot of Swedish specialties, or rather typical things the ordinary Swedish person feel nostalgic over when not in Sweden.

Happy guy with two beautiful girls.

Exploring Cessnock

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We have started with the next phase in the studio project. Now we have to choose an area along the River Clyde to focus on in more detail. Agnes and I will work as a pair to connect West End with Cessnock, north of the river with the south. We took the subway under the river to Cessnock and explored the area. I like it. It’s rougher than West End but got it’s own charm, even though it needs a push in the right direction.

Long rows of tenement houses along the main road. You can find these houses everywhere in Glasgow.

You could see the mountains peak up above the horizon.

All vacant sites in this city are fenced and surveilled by CCTV, which make them barriers instead of being used spontaneously.

One thing I really like about Glasgow is that the facade facing the street looks nicer than the backside which has a whole other character. This is where the back lanes are, They are rough, wild, muddy and has giant potholes. The photo below shows a rather nice lane.

We visited Festival Park which is a fenced park with an opening on one side and an exit at the other. You don’t really see the fence when you are in it because there is a layer of thick vegetation that hides it on all sides. Here we found a secret passage to a place where we found beer bottles and cigarettes.

On the other side you could see this pretty building.

And finally the River Clyde!

Where the sea birds hung out with their plastic mate.

We walked and walked for hours and was completely exhausted by the time we passed over to the other side of the river. But it was time for some Swedish fika at the newly opened café Swedish Affär in City Centre together with Margherita and Alex.