The night we danced on the streets

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Agnes and I celebrated our final submission by drinking wine and playing Ticket to Ride (I need to play with someone that doesn’t always win..). When the wine was gone we walked to the Belle where we took another drink, and later to Òran Mór for whiskey. It was such a great and spontaneous night, talking about life and matters of the heart. Laughing and dancing on the streets.


Four days of miserable discipline

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Yes, I’m talking about the development process essay. From Monday to Thursday Agnes and I was spending all our time awake at the Glasgow uni library. We only ate cafeteria food and lived on high sugar levels, I had a massive craving for veggies about the time I submitted my essay. There was just no time to buy and cook food. I’m so happy that it is finished!

We sat at the top floor if we didn’t find a group booth to sit at. The view is great at floor 11!

It was a essay with over 3000 words about market research, planning policies, development proposal and potential private development partners.

We went to the library just after the sun had gone up and went home long after it had gone down.

Every evening, when going home, I was relieved to finally be able to stretch my legs and get some fresh air.

The first snow that stayed

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Last Friday it snowed. A lot. Large wet snowflakes. Outside on the street the cars just slid around with their tires, not able to get up the small hill. People had to push their cars up. Apparently winter tires is optional in this country. Optional. That’s crazy! Even though it doesn’t snow much, it still does. I can imagine how many accidents this contributes to when all cars are like foals on ice. I didn’t really believe that everything stands still when it has snowed two centimeters in this country, but it does.


Happy Birthday Marco!

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Marco turned 28 and we celebrated at Molly Malones with dinner. After awhile more people joined in and when the place closed at midnight we went to the next place that was called Malones, very confusing to know which pub we were supposed to meet at the beginning of the evening. It was a great night with getting to know some new people and to meet up friends we haven’t seen since before christmas.

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