Cider as cider should be

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This Monday I met up Joel to go to BYN Crêperie & Ciderie, a place where they specialises in cider, good cider. But first we looked in some stores at Södermalm before we decided to walk an hour in the cold to the restaurant. It was freezing but beautiful.

Old town and Kungsholmen.



Between here and next picture, we ate a lot of good food and drank a lot of great cider. Took a drink at Springfellows and went home as it started to snow. These pictures are taken after I got of the bus close to my mother’s place.
DSC_4463 GIF-1

Christmas 2014

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I haven’t taken many photos while being in Stockholm but here are some christmasy ones.

This is outside my window, there wasn’t much snow when I came here, but frost everywhere. So pretty.

Christmas tree.DSC_4448

DSC_4440 DSC_4444

And my mother’s santa and weird decoration collection. Much of it is Santas that my siblings and I have done through the years.
DSC_4446 DSC_4447

So far I have met a lot of friends, eaten a lot of good food and just relaxed.

Singing until our throats can’t take it

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Marco has wanted us to go for karaoke for ages now so we decided to do it to celebrate good team work and as a goodbye party as we won’t see each other until next year. Sound so far away when you put it like that. We met up at Home Bar where we ate dinner and had some drinks before going to the studio where we said hi and then we arrived to the karaoke place around 22. After singing for two hours, our throats were sore and we went to the Howlin’ Wolf for some more drinks before heading home.


And Agnes.
DSC_4384 DSC_4385

Grant and his best smile.

Marco and Grant with more genuine smiles.


“Take the damn photo so we can eat our dessert!” That look in Grant’s eyes…

On our way to the karaoke place.

Wherever you will go – The Calling

DSC_4409Dubbel 1 DSC_4427 DSC_4432

The Exhibition at the Tall Ship

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The last thing we did with our project was to present it to stakeholders and the Glasgow City Council, our client. The exhibition was held at the Tall Ship which is an old battle ship that now are a part of the Riverside Museum.

This is our tutor Ombretta, she’s the best.

Good looking people.

Agnes in full action.
DSC_4301 DSC_4304 DSC_4306 DSC_4320 DSC_4329

The presentation of the analysis work started.

The critical crowd.

Here’s our client.

There was one representative from each analysis group.
DSC_4343DSC_4334 DSC_4346 DSC_4356

“But you have done everything but explained how the river itself is used.” “Yes, but the presentation is but the tip of the iceberg, the analysis work is much greater than this.” There was a long discussion afterwards, with some harsh critique as they hadn’t been presented with our whole work, and didn’t understand how we had worked with this. Even Ombretta was annoyed by some comments. But we also got some really good critique, most people were impressed.
DSC_4369 DSC_4373

And lastly our three boards. It was interesting to actually get them up at the walls was uneven.

Christmas and past examination

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Next Sunday I’ll be in Stockholm after three months here in Glasgow. I feel excited in a way I didn’t think I’d be. Before when I was living in Karlskrona for three years I wasn’t that excited to go home to my parents for christmas, I guess it was because I could go anytime if I wanted so I didn’t think it would change this year. And mom, it isn’t that I wasn’t excited about seeing you before, I’m always excited to see you (still wants christmas presents..). I’ll be in Stockholm from the 21st December until 4th January, and will have to squeeze in meeting as many people as I can over those two weeks. So if you want to see me just send a message! I’ll get a temporary number to use when I’m in Stockholm so it will be easier both for me and others to contact me. More about that later when I know more.

Other than christmas plans, I can tell you that I presented my studio project last Tuesday and that it went great. The two weeks before examination was completely hysterical, was so stressed about the project and often worked all day and until midnight most nights. On Monday evening we finally printed out the three extra long A0:s for the presentation the day after. So. Much. Work. But now I can relax a bit and actually have some free time (what did I do with my free time before?). Next week on Tuesday everything will be presented to stakeholders, the Glasgow City Council and people from RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute, it’s like the Swedish Association of Architects). It’s going to be exciting!

IMG_3542 IMG_3543

Also! We got a Ticket to Ride game at last, so everyone who want to play with us is welcome. Best game!