The perfect tomato soup

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A couple of weeks ago I made this tomato soup and when all of those lunch-boxes were emptied, I just had to do it one more time. It is really simple but oh so tasty!


4-5 portions

– 3 cans whole tomatoes or cherry tomatoes (very important to not use crushed tomatoes)
– 200g feta
– 1 onion (or two small)
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1 stock cube of choice (I used one with tomatoes and herbs)
– 2-3 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce
– Fresh herbs of choice (I had thyme)
– Salt and pepper
– Olive oil to fry in

Fry the onion/s and the garlic in olive oil in a sauce pan until soft. Add the stock cube and let it dissolve before adding the cans of tomatoes. Chop the feta into pieces and add in the sauce pan together with sweet chilli sauce, fresh herbs, salt and pepper. Stir and let it boil up. Use a hand mixer to make the soup smooth. Ready to eat!

People’s palace and the Necropolis

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Last Sunday had the perfect weather, as Stina was on visit we went to People’s Palace that’s in Glasgow Green…

To get there we took the subway to St. Enoch and walked along the River Clyde towards Glasgow Green.

Here it is! A huge green house attached to building where Glasgow City’s history were shown. We didn’t stay long in the museum part as we longed for the sun.

A pretty stairway with pretty people.

And a pretty child with a funny donkey.

We looked at the palm trees and the banana trees in the green house but where soon hungry so we went to the Barras market where we had hot drinks and cake.

After looking at the second hand stuff we went on towards the Necropolis. We passed beautifully rough brick buildings and stopped at the Glasgow Cathedral which you can see in the background.

It’s huge! I’ve often felt disappointed when I walk into churches because the exterior are far more interesting than the interior, but that wasn’t the case here. A cathedral in two levels even! I was impressed, and felt the need for coloured window glasses.
IMG_3489 IMG_3490

After that we climbed the Necropolis and was awarded with a stunning view.
IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3493

Agnes and Stina went on for lunch but I went to subway to go home, but the inner line was closed so I had to either take the outer line which would take twenty minutes or walk home. I walked. You don’t get to see the sun very often so one have to make the most of it. After half an hour I were home.


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I haven’t been using my system camera for some time, which results in photos with crappy resolution. But here is two recent pictures.

My street looks like this when I come home from school every day lately. Dark and misty with rain.

Last Friday we were to the Butterfly and the Pig, a live band venue/pub. I were there with Agnes and Stina (who was visiting from Sweden), Marco and Margherita. Agnes and Stina took the last subway home and I remained with Marco and Margherita, dancing to the live band that we didn’t know would play that night. When we were too tired we shared a cab home, I slept over at Margherita’s as there was no one going in my direction. A fun night!

The next phase

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After doing the analysis work, Dream Team started to recognise which strategies and goals we wanted to work from. This is a phase that has to be done by 9th December so we have a lot of work to do before the examination. Going to be two long hard weeks.

We did a small workshop with post-its where we first put down everything on our minds and then categorised between strategy and goal, and after that in subcategories like environment, history, people, places and activities.

We also had the north pole high up on the wall.


Dream Team, Grant more enthusiastic than most. Haha!

And here is Henry Hanson who had the course Urban Landscape Design over three days. He gave us som feedback on how we could continue from what we had produced so far.